Why Puli? - Attila Chikán

One of our goals - apart from winnig the GLXP Grand Prize, of course -, is to help to build a new understanding of space activites in Hungary. In pursuing this, we ask renowned Hungarians about Team Puli Space and our project.

We start with the thoughts of Attila Chikán, well-known economist and former Minister of Economy in Hungary:   

"I am Attila Chikán, and as a professor and leader of civilian and economic organizations, I feel personally responsible for the development of the country and I try to find grassroots movements that drive this development, lead the way and show us the power of collaboration. The Puli Space project promises that in many ways. On one hand, it's pure innovation, pushing the boundaries beyond even our wildest dreams: space travel and landing on the Moon. On the other hand, such a project has many more advantages: delivering an important message of the future through education: the importance of space sciences. And developments in technology could advance our lives in every aspect, from medicine to software development or engineering. For me, this project is about to dare to dream big and to do about it: many tell and know that the know-how is present in this small country. Here is the opportunity to prove it.

I wish with all of my heart good luck, many supporters and even more enthusiastic members for the Puli! To the Moon!

Attila Chikán

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