Jamie Justice, Ph.D. EVP, Health
Jamie Justice, Ph.D.

Imagine a world where everyone has access to high-quality, personalized, precision healthcare. Where our physical environments support our well-being, and social systems serve to uplift the wellness of entire communities. Where anyone can live a long, productive, meaningful life, regardless of where they’re from.

In this future, public health unites with global health to form a democratized, interconnected, and globally collaborative care continuum that supports quality of life, healthspan, and mental health for all. Preventive and proactive care takes priority over-reactive healthcare, and dynamic new systems are optimized to predict, detect, and prevent disease early, reducing the need for late-stage treatment. New data sources, multi-omics, and crowdsourced insights rapidly expand our medical knowledge of existing and emerging diseases. These advances combine to form robust, effective healthcare systems that respond rapidly to needs anywhere they arise.

XPRIZE is the catalyst that makes this vision a reality. By fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and providing prize incentives, we’re accelerating the development of convergent technologies that improve prevention, diagnostics, therapy, and public health. These innovations are what will bring about the solutions to the grand health challenges of today, and pave the way to vastly improved healthcare and biomedicine for all.



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