The Puli will not only bark at the Moon!

We are proud to introduce Team Puli Space in the Google Lunar X Prize competition. Hungary's national team boasts a range of professionals from planetologists through economists to top engineers united in one goal: sending a rover to the Moon. By designing, building and operating the necessary equipment needed to complete our mission, we not only plan to stand up to the X prize challenge. We also aim to develop the Puli's mission into a national cause, supporting scientific education and innovation in Hungary. Apart from building and testing the Puli, we are providing various educational opportunities about space sciences for the broader public and inspire the younger generations to reach for the sky. As we stand at the starting line in February 2011, we are already backed by hundreds of individual supporters and various companies who have each donated for our cause, and the thousands who have expressed their support for the Puli Space mission. Apart from our website, our GLXP blog here will also feature regular updates on our team's progress. Keep with us! By the way, for those, who've never heard of it: the puli dog breed is the namesake of our team. Get to know it better here!

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