Puli on the Road - World Space Week 2013 and 3D flying

In September we continued our Pul across the country tour, although this time we remained in Budapest. Just to recap, 2011 the Bridge of Sciences - where Team Puli participated with great success - signed the start of a series of events to bring science closer to the people. We were then 2012 present on the Bridge of the Future, as well as this year in Győr on 1st May, and went also to Debrecen in August. The last station of the 2013 series was the Garden of Talents when our I2.0 Puli climbed the stairs of the Hungarian National Museum.

We also presented the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition and Team Puli at the Eötvös Loránd University's From the atoms to the Stars educational series on 26th September.

October started with the World Space Week 2013 (WSW2013) - for us it was a great opportunity to go to Szeged, the third largest city of Hungary, home of one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Central Europe, the University of Szeged. Which, in turn, recently established the Informatorium, a super-integrated dissemination place where the present and the future meet. No better place for Team Puli to give live demonstrations of our rover in the framework of the WSW2013. Today Team Puli also participated in the GLXP / WSW2013 hangout.

And, last but not least: our I2.0 rover is now flying across the Milky Way - thanks to Sketchfab.com's innovative sercice. Enjoy!


Puli Space I2.0 rover from PuliSpace on Sketchfab.

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