Puli on the Road - a weekend in Eastern Hungary

Our educational and outreach programme is continuing. The weekend on 31 Aug / 1 Sept we spent in Eastern Hungary. On Saturday, we followed the invitatiton of the Human-Net Foundation in Nyíregyháza to be the special guest in an open-air rock music contest for local amateur bands, kind of "Britain's Got Talent" locally. This happened in Móricz Kert, a ruin pub - just for Your info, ruin pubs emerged in the last decade first in Budapest, to become a beloved Hungarian speciality, not only for tourists.

Wondering what a funny guest is in the ruin pub Móricz Kert

We then went over to Debrecen - the second time in two weeks. This time we've followed the invitation of National Instruments Hungary to participate in their Family Day. It was a great event - we even listened together to the signs of the first Hungarian satellite, the MaSat-1.

The Puli listens to the signs of MaSat-1 during the Family Day of NI Hungary.

Team Puli's EPO engagement continues, so stay tuned!

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