Puli on the Road - Tihany, Veszprém

Here is the promised 2nd part of Puli's June-July Tour.

The Dark Lord is in favour of Puli.

After we met our strong allies at Lake Balaton, we decided to stop in Tihany, home of the famous echo before heading to Veszprém, City of the Queens, to visit maxon motor hungary's Family Day.

Lake Balaton panorama from Tihany with kids & Puli I2.0

Visiting the studio of Méz Rádió Veszprém: our electrical engineering coordinator Matyi has fun on Floor 19, with Veszprém panorama in the backround.

What can this rover do? Explainig I2.0 capabilities to maxon executives.

Our Puli Fan T-Shirt #1 is popular at maxon motor hungary :-)

Cheering for Puli

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