Puli on the Road - Debrecen, The Bridge of Future 2013

Two years ago, the event Bridge of Sciences signed the start of a series to bring science closer to the people. In 2011, it was a huge success, also for us, so we were happy to participate 2012 on the successor of this. We were there on the Bridge of the Future as well.

Team Puli's booth in Debrecen, the Bridge of Future

This year ther Bridge of the Future goes to several cities, and we go with them wherever we can. We were in Győr - an industry center, and the sixth largest city of Hungary - on the 1st May, and went also to Debrecen on the 20th August. Embedded into the atmosphere of the Flower Carnival, our Team had again fun to show our I2 rover to the public and present the great challenges of the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Enjoy the photos!

Putting all the pieces together

Ready for the day.

What's that?

Look, this is the Puli!

Competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE :-)

Ready to go home.

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