Puli MARS2013 Mission Control Centre in the City Hall of Budapest

As noted in our previous post, in the framework of a beginning cooperation with Hungary's Capital, the City Hall of Budapest provides Team Puli Space crucial infrastructure for our currently operating mission control center.

Mr. Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, visits Team Puli's Mission Control Centre. Photo: M. Majtényi, budapest.hu

It offers fully equipped offices to house the control room, and to hold meetings or press conferences. The specially protected office building also provides a secure network connection to reach the MARS2013 Mission Support Centre of the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in Innsbruck, and our I2 rover currently operating in Morocco.

Team Puli Space is currently undertaking one of its most ambitious projects to date. This February, as part of the MARS2013 simulation experiment, our I2 rover is operating in the Moroccan Sahara, to simulate an actual MARS mission. Although the I2 is a Moon rover prototype, the tests provide valuable information on remote controlling the rover, and navigating in foreign terrain. The unit’s solar panels and charging characteristics are also being thoroughly analyzed.

To reliably operate the rover overseas, a professional mission control center was established. The City Hall of Budapest supports us with infrastructure for this, including the ‘wolfpit’ meeting room, which houses our mission control center and its six workstations. In the framework of the cooperation with Hungary's Capital, additional offices for mission related discussion are also made available, and even the City Hall’s professional press room is at our disposal, the same place where the Mayor of the capital regularly holds press conferences.

Team Leader Tibor Pacher at Puli Space's Press Conference at the City Hall of Budapest. Photo: M. Majtényi, budapest.hu

The latter was used on 8th February for a successful press conference about Puli's participation in the MARS2013 mission, where we announced our newest sponsor HungaroControl as well. after which our team was featured in many prominent Hungarian news sources, often on the main page.

Mr. István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest himself also visited the mission control center on Monday. After quickly mastering the intuitive GUI of our self developed control interface, Mr Tarlós drove the rover for a short period with the help of the mission control team.

We will continue to operate the I2 until end of February from the City Hall mission control center, and keep gathering information which will be crucial for the upcoming iteration of Team Puli Space’s Moon rover.

HungaroControl is a Silver Sponsor of the MARS2013 mission of Team Puli Space.

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