One rover battles on the field, the other flies to Madrid

The first Martian week of the Puli ended with successful checkouts, the second started with the first full-scale runs. Although we did cover considerable distances, our efforts were hindered by communication problems at the field. Meanwhile, the twin rover visited the World ATM (Air Traffic Management) Congress in Madrid, as a guest of our newest silver sponsor, HungaroControl.

Team Puli's I2 rover shot this greetings from Morocco - to the first birthday of Masat-1 in space

We have made some interesting photos - see the above Moroccan greetings to Masat-1, the first Hungarian satellite, which is operating smoothly for more than one years in space. Or check out Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl, with the I2.5 Puli at his side in Madrid. Mr. Szepessy said "HungaroControl supports initiatives contributing to the popularization of air navigation control, aviation and air transport, research and development and innovation projects and it pays particular attention to fostering young talents. This is why we were more than happy to give our support to the initiative of a team of engineers called Puli Space Technologies who intend to send an instrument of their own development to the Moon by 2015 in the framework of the Google Lunar X PRIZE international innovation competition which offers opportunities for highly exciting forms of cooperation."

Mr. Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl on the World ATM 2013 in Madrid with the I2.5 Puli rover.

For even more interesting things read the full report of our László Molnár on the 2nd Moroccan week here.

HungaroControl is a Silver Sponsor of the MARS2013 mission of Team Puli Space.

Air traffic controllers of HungaroControl guarantee safe traffic for almost 600 thousand aircrafts in the upper airspace and at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport every year. State-of-the-art technology, advanced development and services make HungaroControl one of the most accurate, efficient and reliable providers of international air traffic control.

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