A new Visiting Card for E.T.

Exploration is part of human culture. Space exploration is especially exciting and challenging, not only from the technical point of view. 

We are all humans and share the same feelings, concerns, motivations - we have a bunch of common traits, seemingly built-in in human nature, and all of this is present in every endeavour, also in our race to the Moon. We tell our story here on this website, in interviews, etc.. Part of this storytelling is introducing ourselves to the audience or the readers. This we manage usually quite well.

But what would YOU say to the Absolute Foreign - an alleged extraterrestrial intelligence, an E.T.?  What would be Your visiting card to represent Planet Earth?

Now there is a new chance to think of this a little bit - and craft together a New Horizons Message, with Jon Lomberg and cohorts. As a member of the NHMI Advisory Board, I would love to see the support from our GLXP community for this great project! Join us!

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