Goldenblog 2012 - The Best Expert Blog is: Puli Space Blog

Blogging is a great way to inform our community about developments, and can be used for EPO activities as well. We blog not only here at our GLXP homepage; we have our Hungarian-only blog running as well. Started as early as June 2010, the Puli Space blog - which runs on the blog of one of the most popular Hungarian language internet portals, Index.hu, had a longer break, until it was revitalized by gopuligo, our "Mistery Man on duty" in November 2011. Reaching monthly as many as 30.000 visitors regularly, the Puli Space Blog is since then a great source on many of our activities and a lot of other interesting stuff. This was also honoured this September in the 8th Goldenblog Competition, an Award organized by one of the leading news magazine of Hungary, Heti Világgazdaság (World Economy Weekly), where our blog won the Best Expert Blog Category. Vaúú!

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