Gearing up for 2014

2014 will be even more interesting than 2013 it was. Our competition is really heating up, and there are fascinating news every week – just take a look at this Moon Roundup - congrats to all of our fellow competitors!

As for us, Team Puli concluded 2013 with a very successful testing at PISCES – we would like to thank here the PISCES staff for their warm hospitality and outstanding support! -, now for 2014 we are on track with our next iteration steps.

Puli's plaque in the PISCES office in Hilo.

Parallel to the development of our space grade systems, in the coming weeks we are about to secure our Moon shot in a ride sharing model, and the same time we are diligently working with XPF on the details of the Team Summit 2014 in Budapest. We'll give You an update on this soon; right now we just want to share with you one of the hot candidates for the summit venue, which is a place for Art & Science of Hospitality: the Academy Club in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The forefront of the HAS building.

We are looking forward to welcome You in wonderful Budapest, early June - stay tuned, we'll have more infos for You soon!

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