The Future is Most Important

Galaktika, the popular Hungarian SF Magazine, and one of Europe's best SF magazines - this honour was awarded to Galaktika 1974 and 2005 by the EuroCon - is Team Puli's Media Partner from the very beginning of our project. Perhaps this is not really surprising: we are engaged in a future-oriented endeavour, and future is the very business of Galaktika. Watch in this video Attila Németh, Galaktika's editor, who is explaining why the future is most important.

Galaktika was also present at the opening stand-up reception, held on 11/11/11, where we've celebrated the public opening of our new industrial plot in the facilities of the Gödöllő Business Park, our new sponsor. We'll report on this milestone in more detail soon, until then You might enjoy the first photos in our Facebook album (check back, we'll refresh it several times).

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