The Dog Who Travelled into the Center of Galaxy

One year ago, we thought 2013 will be an exciting year. We were just preparing for our first big field test in Morocco, and we knew, this will be a good start.

It came true – our Mission Control team in Budapest worked very well, and so our I2.0 rover in the desert.

It is already well known that we are always happy to bring the word about our competition, the Moon, Space, STEM to students and the general public as well. It is extremely important to inspire and engage our fellow citizens in these areas, especially the youth. 2013 became another exceptionally successful year for us in this area as well: the Puli talked to the Moroccan Minister of Education in the Sahara, was in fashionable Madrid, barked and created interest in the Bay Area, won the adorable The 'Cheezburger' (Best Mascot) and The Wall-E (Best rover action) Nick's Picks awards in Santiago, walked on the shores of Lake Balaton, visited many cities in Hungary, participated in the World Space Week 2013 and ventured finally into the Pacific, to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Where it became The Puli Who Travelled into the Center of Galaxy:

Jon Lomberg welcomes the Puli in his Galaxy Garden

So, as You see, we were right. 2013 was an extraordinarily exciting year for Team Puli. Now we think 2014 will be another great year. For all of us here in our competition. Go Puli Go, go Google Lunar XPRIZE!

PS: And yes, we are happy and proud to host our next Team Summit 2014 and can't wait to welcome You all in wonderful Budapest!

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