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We have always been active to bring the Competition close to the people, students and the general public as well.

Secondary school students try to control the I2.0 Puli

Team Puli participated in numerous events since we started our long way to the Moon three years ago. Now we gear up even more: we have started our Puli goes across Hungary tour in the cradle of our project, the 16th district of Budapest with an unconventional physics lecture for secondary school students on April 29, 2013, and a joint event with a local artist group on 22nd May 2013.


Mr Péter Kovács, Mayor of the XVI. District of Budapest with the Puli I2.0. Photo: T. Mészáros

Ms Emőke Takár, artist, and Mr. Péter Kovács, Mayor, with Chief Puli Tibor Pacher at the Vernissage, 22nd May 2013. Photo: T. Mészáros

Artists offered the proceeds from the selling of their artwork to support Puli's Mission to the Moon.

Art: Ms. Ilona H. Cékmány

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