Amalia mission scenario

  • Launch phase: the AMALIA Lunar Lander is put by the launcher in a low altitude parking orbit (200–300km, circular or slightly elliptic).
  • Lunar transfer orbit(LTO)insertion phase: the Lander begins the apogee raising and performs LTO insertion maneuvers (typically three-burns).
  • Lunar orbit insertion (LOI) phase: in proximity of the Moon, the Lander performs a lunar orbit injection(LOI) maneuver to reach the target LLO.
  • Loiter and landing phase: when inserted in LLO, the Lander, after several orbits around the Moon, begins the descent and landing maneuvers.
  • Surface operations phase: After landing, the AMALIA Rover is deployed from the Lander and performs its operations on lunar surface in order to meet the mission goals according to GLXP requirements.

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