About Us

TeamIndus has won one Milestone Prize: the Landing Prize, for a total of $1 million in prize winnings...so far! (See the complete $30 million in prizes that are available)

TeamIndus, the only Indian team in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, is building a privately funded Spacecraft capable of soft landing on the Moon by 2017. TeamIndus was one of five teams selected to compete in the Milestone prizes and successfully won $1M as a Milestone prize for our landing technology, last year.

TeamIndus' Mission is a celebration of all things great about India – the audacious goal, the young bright engineers, the can-do entrepreneurial spirit, partners who commit their resources, and the new breed of world-class entrepreneurs who have supported our mission – all of whom are united by a vision to deliver a best-in-class technology outcome entirely out of India.

With the turn of events in 2016, our chances of making it to the Moon have significantly increased and we are on our way to becoming the very first privately funded space exploration mission ever.

Team Members

Rahul Narayan
Dilip Chabria
Sheelika Ravishankar
Nirmal Suraj
Team Leader:
Rahul Narayan
New Delhi, India

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