Underwater Lunar Mission


Team Stellar in cooperation with Croatian diving club "Roniti se mora" and caving club "DDISKF", as a part of Google Lunar XPRIZE exploration, are working on the project to film a short video clip presenting Team Stellar's mission in another state of matter - (sea)water.

The video will be taken in rather unique and impressive cave ambience situated on the stunning Croatian island of Losinj.
The cave resembles cosmic like environment and as such is interesting to present Team Stellar's lunar project in another landscape.

Our professional cave divers will have to place lots of effort to screen this very specific seawater cave due to it's inland location. The divers will have to climb and carry their equipment crossing extremely demanding terrain in order to enter the cave thru a little hole and to get down another 18 m to reach seawater for shooting.

Take a look at the photos for a hint of our next upcoming mission!
(Photos by Damir Zurub - scuba instructor and underwater photographer)

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