Kindergarten „TOCKICA“ from Zapresic, Croatia (kids attending from 2-6 years old) had „The Universe“ as 2012/13 school year's project.

Assignment of the project was to introduce kids to unknown terms to them like: Solar System, Milky Way, a black hole, a supernova, an atmosphere, a meteor, a planet, etc.

Besides learning about the Universe, kids have been developing their imagination, creativity, motorical abilities and what is the most important they have become emotionally awake of the importance to preserve our Mother Earth.

The project's goal was to satisfy kid's interest of the Universe, especially of the planets, space rockets, Moon landing missions, meteors or „shooting stars“ and stars, also to enable kids to gain certain knowledge and image about them.

This project has been initiated by kids themselves and their curiosity about things and happenings in our natural environment. It has helped them to learn a lot and to understand some facts about the Universe and its influence. It has all been achieved through play, research and conversation.

This project has been magnified and rounded by Cpt.Stjepan Bedic's visit, the leader of Team Stellar competing for the Google Lunar X Prize.

Kids were thrilled with the idea of the mission and its challenge to send a robotic spacecraft to the Moon. Also they were impressed to meet the model of original „Moon Walker“-Team Stellar's rover.

Kids have recorded a short video clip cheering their favourite team saying: „We Love Team Stellar!!!“

To round the year's project, kids from kindergarten „Tockica“ have prepared bilingual performance (in English and Croatian) about the Universe and conservation of our Mother Earth, magnified by exhibition of yearly done handmade works and sculptures following the Universe project and also exposing the Team Stellar's model of the Moon robotic spacecraft.



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