The Stellar Mission comic

Comics are picture stories. The oldest comics were those found on the walls of caves. Later, we find stories in pictures on the friezes of Greek and Roman temples and other public and private buildings. During the Middle Ages, the interiors of churches were painted with images of sacral themes. Thus, the mostly illiterate population of Europe of that time was enabled to read those picture stories without words.

Comics or picture stories have been with us from the beginning of time. We can relate to them and we can understand them, maybe even better than any other form of art. Maybe that is why they call comics the ninth art. There is a saying: "A picture speaks a thousand words", and that is true indeed.

No more words, we present you a comic made by Esad Ribic: "The Stellar Mission".

Mr. Esad Ribic started making comics in the early 90s, doing shorts strips and illustrations for Croatian and German magazines. Ribic also worked for Zagreb Film as a film animator.

Mr. Ribic gained experience working in Europe, but his talent brought him to the United States, where he achieved the pinnacle of his career working for major publishers.


The Stellar Mission comic describes all of the main phases of the Google Lunar XPRIZE mission. We have the launch, the flight, the landing, our rover on the Moon, and, finally, receiving of the signal from the Moon, and the rejoicing staff in the Stellar`s Mission Control Center.

Thanks Esad, we love it!

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