To Dream one more Impossible Dream

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Long before the technology is the dream of every empreendedormodeloeatriz , it was something military . The distant frontiers

belonged crowns and governments able to afford the huge contracts conquer them .

The result was that apathy , laziness , many call it capitalism , communism or any reductionist definition used by

who not content with the status quo but was too lazy to mudalas . As there was only one force capable of promoting change ,

so this happened to wars , crises or revolutions .

And in this respect that the stimulus awards are important . Created by independent associations , they attach considerable sums in

money who promotes progress . Fame and money , after all, appeal to the primitive impulses of the noblest hearts .

More than philanthropy, this kind of premium and investment . By stimulating competition, he adds talent in research laboratories

whose cost would exceed by many times the amount awarded .

The concept has been around since 1714, when British put the idea into practice to calculate longitude . In 1919 , the French entrepreneur

Raymond Orteig proposed U.S. $ 25,000 for the first nonstop flight between New York and Paris . The prize spurred nine teams to do in

an investment set 16 times higher. The winner , Charles Lindbergh , changed the history of aviation .

Unlike the Nobel and other Oscars of science , the incentive is not subject to subsequent or committees or subjective criteria .

The challenge of course, and the conquest , palpable . In recent years , the ease of access to technology and the global crisis have increased their popularity.

The X Prize and the most audacious . Created by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis , he offers prizes bulky teams that

build projects worthy of fiction : small rockets , accurate and economic , efficient ways to clean up the oil in the ocean ;

Portable diagnostic medical devices , among others .

The result is fast : winning an X Prize , the airline Virgin developed the first commercial route that leads ordinary people to stratosphere

hitherto domain aviators in bus space . After two days of training and physical assessment , four passengers and two pilots

fly at 30,000 feet high , reaching a rate four times greater than the sound. Also in this decade .

In the same vein , the Google Lunar X Prize will give U.S. $ 20 million the first team to put a robot on the moon able to walk more than 500 meters and

transmit high-definition video from it .

The competition involves teams from countries such as United States , Canada , Italy , Netherlands, Russia , India , Romania , Chile and Brazil .

Our team , the SpaceMETA , and led by the brilliant Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti , a researcher at UFRJ and responsible for an incubator in Petropolis .

Among other ideas , she intends to use ethanol as fuel rocket .

One can not reach the future complaining on social networks . Crowdfunding services and incentive awards stimulate debate , inspiring new

inventors to break the incabivel prison , fly a limit unlikely and even perhaps play the inaccessible floor . And inspiring.


Luli and Radfahrer professordoutor digital communication ACE (School of Communication and Arts ) USP ha 19 years .

Working with the internet since 1994 and has already been director of some of the largest advertising agencies in the country .

Today 's digital innovation consultant , with clients in Brazil , USA , Europe and Middle East .

Author of the book " Encyclopedia of the Cloud " , which analyzes 550 digital tools and services for businesses .

Keeps www.luli.com.br blog , in which he discusses and analyzes the key trends of technology .

Write every two weeks in the printed version of " Tec " and the site of leaf .

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