Technical recording. Frame. Mold assembly. 3D printed parts. PVA.

All parts of mold was 3D printed from PVA. PVA are tricky to print, slow speed are the only choice.As a result mold consists from small parts.Need to glue parts of the mold together. With PVA glue.

But before assembly needs to dry parts - Under Vancouver's weather it is essential step. Bake parts in stove / oven under 50-60C for 1 hour, and cool down inside zip-lock bag. Last step after assembly - PVA from the glue makes mold soft. Reason - water from a glue.

To solve this (it was not recorded on video) mold needs to be placed together with 1 pound of the sugar inside zip-lock bag. Baking in oven also can help. Now mold ready for composite manufacture -- knotted carbon fiber + epoxy will do job.


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