Systems from a craft to be tested on orbital flight.

Orientation system will include 3 stepper motors. For a test on 1kg total mass it will be require motors with bearing. Suitable weight for each 30 g. And lubrication can be changed to molybdenum. Gyro sensor readings should be compared with targeting XYZ values. Onboard main computer has to be adaptable to different type of motors, (a) different inertia momentum, (b) delays of control to avoid oscillation. Dynamic parameters of a system has to be calculated (not predetermined) using same gyro-sensor. Placement of 3 stepper motors may be not in a center of mass – as a result to support orientation along any of 3 axes, system should calculate parameters by itself. On ground tests for a system can be done only for one axe, and in plane intersect center of mass. In worth case scenario it will require to download new binary for orientation system (effectively for a main onboard computer). See more on http://www.adobri.com/ProjectCr.aspx

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