Simulation for ground station.

Last travisual.xml file includes trajectory of the moon in last 60 minutes (it shows polyline how moon rotates around earth) and also coordinates (trajectories) of (up to 10) satellites - on a server (http://www.adobri.com/SatCtrlR.aspx) tra.exe running now in loop and output updated travisual.xml - (click couple times on the http://www.adobri.com/SatCtrlR.aspx it is constantly updated - in processing of the file needs to handle a non-finished-write-to-the-file cases).

 last changes was

 - to manipulate (re-size/rotates/move) the earth-moon system

 - to pickup latest travisual.xml with last positions.

Today i need to update real time position of the satellites (now it require to reload applets) and somehow to show azimuth + longitude for satellite when it will fly over ground station.

I also need (It is my main goal - after visualization to continue with ground station software) to have a "view" button on a surface of the sphere (earth) at ground station location, for that I need to show night sky with stars, or at least some longitude latitude mesh. I have no idea how to do this.

V., can you check how applet will work for you (http://www.adobri.com/SatCtrlR.aspx) - texture of a earth and the moon downloaded separately - I need to know the delay - when I tests behind a router it (the router) slows down download of the files and I do not get proper value of a download time - and from my another desktop java does not work - no clue how to make java working back on that computer.

 I talked yesterday with Boris - he told that in his last project (some automation) he tried all SVG/GL, Java applets and Silverlight

 Best was Silverlight - Microsoft was fastest to run, fast to get real time data and faster in development (C#).

- SVG/GL was slow by any compare, except rapid prototyping.

- java was ok, but tools to developed was really archaic, problem was with real-time.

And I tied yesterday Silverlight - to switch now it will push be back for at least one week to learn how to do lights and etc.

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