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Today my son (sorry == Technical Director) come and tell – “Father (sorry == Team Lead) you mislead me for such long time!” To reply – “OK, but you should not blame me for a Santa’s nonexistence”. He tells the story as it is. - “Not a Santa ! But guidance book that you use for lunar project!” Day ago he visited his Russian speaking friends, and explained project’s highlights. First reaction was a smile, then attempt to suppress laugh, then, when he came to point of recent Google Lunar XPRIZE development and Team Plan B particularly, all family, including small child, starts loudly laughing and rolling over laminated floor. Confused he asked to explain such reaction – friend with tears told that they just finished read children book “Donno on The Moon” (“Neznaika on The Moon” from the “Do-Not-know” hero name). And looks like all guidance for the project (at least Plan B) coming from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunno and it is even possible to predict what will be next steps: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Neznaika or it is possible to watch everything on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re8m8QdSjhc (sorry - no translation to the English available yet). Well, my Technical Director, that book was so popular in grade five that it was virtually impossible to get it, was available for read only when book’s owner was busy to do math quizzes. And those are original pictures from 1965. Inventor. Good boy.

Inventor. Good boy. Glasses. Hard working. Little bit crazy. Practical approach. In conflict with “official” theoretical science.

Accidentally discovered antigravity Main invention: Moonstone (failed from the moon). Accidentally discovered antigravity showed up all over the village. Donno / Neznaika get hit by cooking pod. Boiling water spilled. Fortunately doctor was nearby. Rocket. Design. Drawings. Discovery must be utilized. Rocket. Design. Drawings. Break engine on the top. Incredible details for kid’s books. shoes needs to be nailed at working place At antigravity (weightlessness) shoes needs to be nailed at working place. Spaceport Spaceport in the village. Secretly build in one night. needs to be careful with any technology Antigravity again. Side effects in a pond (needs to be careful with any technology). Not really bad boys, but curious. Donno and his friend. Not approved for space flight. Not really bad boys, but curious. Security measures were not taken properly on the launch pad. Accidentally pressed button. Accidentally pressed button. (All buttons should be labeled. Read first. Do not touch what you do not know). Automated guidance system. Automated guidance system. (Moon rock attracts by the moon and direct flight was possible – Donno don’t know how to operate a rocket – learn, learn and learn – that is a school for!). First steps. Exploring. First steps. Curiosity. More explorations. Curiosity. Moon’s caves. Do not forget to tie you shoelaces! Looks like mine on the moon. Definitely it is a way. Do not forget to tie you shoelaces! The Moon is empty inside, with mass concentrates inside! Here it is! Curiosity brings troubles, and discovery can be made: ice on the moon located deep under surface, the moon has different density, with mass concentrates inside, with a breathable air (where is the ice there is an air!), . . . Lunatics . . . and Lunatics lives there. Now needs to give a bit of explanation. Year was 1965. Cold war, you know, small kids needs to be properly trained that capitalism is bad, and it is located on the moon, and a life is a flip of a coin. friend can get lucky. One friend can get lucky. study, study and study at school, otherwise the end will be predictable Another is not. (Again need to study, study and study at school, otherwise the end will be predictable). escape is only choice … attempt to escape is only choice. Giants Plants Inc. Confused Donno and local criminals. Giants Plants Inc. was registered as public trade company. Business plan – to bring to the moon seeds of a giant, non-genetically modified cucumbers, watermelons and etc.. Enterprise was successful from start, but big corporations – you know story - greens against globalization. Donoo leaning to anarchism and that is his source of troubles. Arrested, and send to Paradise Island with no school around. Who took the rocket? Now back on earth - Is it a joke? Who took the rocket? Let’s build another one. All right. Not big deal. Let’s build another one. More usual design, 3 rockets’ stages, basic principles of orbital mechanics. Practical science shakes hands with theoretical, couple months of work, rocket done. lack of funding in scientific community Back on moon. Telescope. Detects gravitons. Dreams for scientists. Because of a lack of funding in scientific community just gravitons, otherwise it can be bigger, and detect photons and radio waves. Rescue mission Rescue mission (antigravity drive is really cool!). Safety first! That is how it should be done! Safety first! Team work! Newton’s laws That is what can happen if you do not consider Newton’s laws! do not spend all day watching TV Profession - reporter. It is tough, especially at hot spots. And do not smoke – burning cigarette can start a fire! And do not spend all day watching TV- you can start drinking! island of the Fools Donno is happiest boy, he was rescued from the island of the Fools, where only genetically modified food was provided, as a result kids watches movies and sleeps in a movie’s theater at night, plays all days on playground. Side effect of GMF – no thought about the schools or attempts to escape from island. Does not matter what you think but antigravity is cool! You don't know how lucky you are, boy - Back in the US - Back in the US - Back in the USSR After rescue. Friends flying together as one flock, leading by experienced scientist. Let’s keep earth free from extraterrestrial microbes. Quarantine back on earth. High fever. Slow recovery. Let’s keep earth free from extraterrestrial microbes. See you doctor regularly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Book is really good. Lots of humor. Recommended for ages 5-10. Coin was printed in 2008 (Russia) to commemorate Dunno and his writer Nikolay Nosov. Postal stamp in 1992. In 1997 was made cartoon with political correctness introduced - removed criticism of capitalism, girly names have been changed to more euphonious (“Daisy” and etc.), girls persistently asks: “Why boys do not play with us? And to not take us into a space flight?”. Donno’s buddy (on the moon) instead of boy (name “Kozlik” == “kid goat”) become a girl (new name “Zvestochka”==”Small Star”), romance with earth’s boy and moon’s girl submitted and two computer equipped with voice recognition and speech human interface used as an automated guidance system, The Moon become green. Son – I promises to read that book to your daughter when she will be 5.

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