PAE and efficiency.

Boris – Q: – if PAE of transmitter amplifier == 40% then around 60% (definitely less, rest is noise) goes to the heat – assuming that a thermal radiation is only available method to heat transfer, then some of the heat will be possible to recycle by reverse Peltier thermoelectric heat pump. That is easy to check on our next tests with 1WT transmitter. Even more - with 25WT eating by amplifier and PAE=40%,  15WT goes to heat, each watt recycled will improve Ecclesiastes' ratio – “time to harvest power” / “time to transmit”, that will give for each one watt recycled = 2% savings in total time transmission == 0.5 low resolution frame per 10 minutes transmission session , or on 16hours (for required 15min HD video) will be 25 minutes savings. Efficiency of  Pertier’s elements is kainda a question (especially reverse one) – in some sources it is stated == 5-10% in some up to 50% - needs to make experiments, but even with 5% it will be 1% savings in session time.

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