My lost audience.

Old lady, doctor, not much relatives left in my old city, no kids, never had husband, cranky, got a cancer after getting in her professional life more radiation from medical equipment than acceptable today norms. Plus she do not want to go to a nursing house, got best prediction to live weeks, may be months, do not want to accept money's help, and, as ex-doctor understand her medical condition better than anybody else. What to do if I am half a globe from her? I started to call her over phone and give her update about competition, all exciting for me and absolutely boring to everybody else information, - how to calculate partial derivatives of a gravitation potential of the earth, how to calibrate gyroscope using quaternions , how to design error correction radio protocol. To my surprise she did understood what I was talking, on next phone call she replied – “yep – quaternion is like complex numbers but 4 dimensional – you told me that”. After that come another surprise, doctors usually hard to accept the treatment and medicine for themselves, and placebo is extremely hard to find, looks like their profession gives them enough information about methods and procedures of the modern medicine. To that my second surprise, stories spoken over the phone become sort of placebo, her voice became better and stronger after talk. I phoned her like I posted blogs on GLXPRIZE website, sometime each day, sometime once per week, sometime per month, but only with good news. She was learning ideas how to do this or that in the space, in the competition, in business, and that helped her, she stopped to complain, her first question become – “when will be a launch of your rocket”. I lost my most hungry-to-learning audience yesterday.

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