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Small panic about 526N epoxy – by all parameters it is acceptable (-78C +300C tolerance, flexibility, outgassing, and etc.), but it is not in it http://outgassing.nasa.gov/cgi/sectionb/sectionb_html.sh Material Alphabetical Listing. This (not in list) may be problematic for any composites used in vehicle and craft.Epoxies 517, 556, 568 present in a section B list but it is not suitable. After contacting manufacturer it was confirmed that 526N actually was tested around 20 years ago for outgassing study and Total Mass Loss (TML) at 125C is 0.49 (less then 1%) and Collective Volatile Condensable (CVCM at 25C) Materials is (0.00) with curing conditions 2H (93C) and 16H (204C). Epoxy is good, looks like it will be require re run ASTM E-595. Anyway satellite (including vehicle) was to pass vibration tests according launch vehicle profile and thermal-vacuum bakeouts to ensure level of outgassing at minimum vacuum 5x10-4 Torr. Manufacturing of composites was to be documented. See more on http://www.adobri.com/ProjectCr.aspx

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