Aluminum. 3D printing.

Thanks, V. Existing, formulas about aluminum extraction process in vacuum and 1/6 earth gravity.

  1. Conductive aluminum surface as forming layer for 3D printing part.
  2. Al2O3 distributed by electrostatic on top of forming layer.
  3. K3ALF6 as a catalyst, distributed by PVD (physical vapor deposition) precisely on a place of a next slice of a printed part.
  4. Beam of electrons on the same square area: Al3+ + 3 e− → 2Al ;  O2− - 2 e−→ O ; K3ALF6 evaporates and can be reused.

In vacuum do no need for a carbon electrode – oxygen will be separated without chemical reaction. Also electrical current in vacuum better be done by emitted electrons. Surface of particles are big for unit mass. In 1/6 gravity different fractions does not separates properly, but it will be layer of Al2O3 , isn’t it? Is it possible to reuse K3ALF6? How to collect O2 effectively?

Well, bicycle as it is. Legend from “Historia naturalis” about Tiberius and goldsmith, brought imperator “silver” looking, light, metal’s plate. On imperator’s question: “How did you make it?” Inventor replied: “From clay.” On next question: “Who else does know the process?” Inventor proudly said: “Only Me and Gods”. It was a mistake, to protect his recently investments in silver, imperator ordered to cut of inventor’s head. Nice, unconfirmed story was, until couple years ago some students got aluminum by technology and chemical components available 2000 years ago only. Again, bicycle’s invention is a bicycle invention. Needs to do this on The Moon, not on the earth! Anyway we do not know investments portfolio of other people.

What equipment will be needed to make such experiments?

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