12 chairs. “You know, my friend, that project reminds me …”

2011. My friend :-) “You know, my friend, Alex, you project reminds me the movie “Despicable Me” especially the part with boy’s dreams about flying to the moon.” Thanks you, my friend – Thanks you very much. Finally I did watch that movie. That reminds me:

... Киса знаете кого этот стул мне напоминает – нашу жизнь! Нас топят, а мы выплываем, но никого это не радует....

(Old story, - two companions are chasing 12 chairs. In one chair there are hidden diamonds. Partners are watching floating nearby gutted chair (previous unsuccessful attempt to find treasure). Monolog- “…You know, my friend, that chair reminds me of our life. We’re also floating with the tide ...)

Другой дружбан – сначала культурно напоил – а затем осторожно намекнул посмотреть фильм “Елки палки”. Посмотрел!

Открываю рубрику – "Дорогой друг, вы как лунатик напоминете мне ..."

I am opening the rubric – “You know, my friend, that lunatic reminds me...”

All similarities are welcome!

watch and enjoy sound track - 

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