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About Us

Team Plan B is an initiative from privately funded Canadian company Adobri Solutions Ltd. Our mission is to utilize existing technologies in software, microprocessors, communication, guidance and robotic systems to produce a small-weight vehicle capable of traveling to and transmitting data to/from the Moon’s surface, planning a delivery of a vehicle to lunar surface by a probe/craft with fixed impulses engines.

Main weight target on low-earth orbit for a probe and vehicle total is 100-150 kg. Flight schema will include two orbit correction impulses, one main and one brake impulse with direct arrival to the moon surface and soft landing with air-bags assistance. Designed and manufactured vehicle/craft must pass thermal, mechanical, vacuum’s ground tests prior making launch arrangements. Two launches are planned to succeed in winning the Google Lunar XPRIZE. Results, mistakes in design, errors in calculation, and bugs in software on first mission will give valuable input for the second craft/probe re-design and second launch planed 9 month after. As for a media attraction event our Canadian Team Plan B is considering to deliver to the lunar surface a hockey ice puck to make a symbolic face-off on the Moon.

Team Members

Alex Dobrianski
Sergei Dobrianski
Andrei Dobrianski
Alex Ivanov
Team Leader:
Alex Dobrianski
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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