Taking the Moon to Students in Grenaa Denmark

This post is by Michael Mussler with help from our Press Coordinator Michael Doornbos on the English.

My adventure started at 5:30 in the morning in Hamburg Germany.  There were 800 km(500 miles!) ahead of me, so I had to start before the sun came up and it was raining.

I arrived at the rental car facility and was pleasantly surprised to find a BMW waiting for me instead of a Volkswagen Polo. EPIC!

I headed out towards Viden Djurs to give a presentation organized by our friend Jakob Wadsager. Viden Djurs is in Denmark, and it was cloudy, cold and raining when I left. By the time I arrived 7 hours later, the skies had parted and it was a beautiful day.

I was early for the appointment, so Jakob invited me to Kattegatcenter, which is a large shark aquarium. 

Sharks and moon rovers in the same day! Sweet!

After the shark adventure, we setup at the School.



I gave my talk about the challenges and excitement in what we do.  They had terrific questions.

We always bring a small demo rover to our talks.  The "R0" is designed specifically to be a portable bot we can bring with us to let people try their hand at driving something like what we'll send to the moon.

The excitement people get from being able to drive it themselves is the best part about our talks.


For this demonstration, we had the software in "3 second delay" mode so the students could experience the controls just like if they were sending commands to a rover on the moon.   

Many students commented that it's much better to "experience" the delay than to just talk about it. This is a great lesson to pass on to everyone presenting engineering ideas.  Talk is one thing, experiencing it yourself is another.


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