ILA business days


We just survived the business days of Europe's biggest air show and most important industry event, the ILA Berlin air show and it was awesome. Asimov learned a few new tricks over the past months and now he was put on his sandy stage. Also he started a little stage fright he's now king of the (lunar) hill!

During the business days we had a great time chatting with aerospace experts and other engineers, figuring out who got the most challenging space endeavour. In case you have no idea what to expect from the ILA just imagine tons of awesome jets, the latest space hardware and really awesome prototypes for Moon, Mars and beyond!

Thanks to everyone who visited and also thanks the booth of the german federal ministry of economicy who always got too much free snack (hint: we helped solve this problem).
Have fun 

- Thomas, Thomas, Juergen, Juergen, Arne, Karsten, Inez, Mario, Chris, Michael and Robert

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