Fun and exploration at the World Space Week 2013!

Hello everyone

A lot has been written on the World Space Week already showing how much fun and what a great public outreach event it was. So let us do a quick recap and a look behind the curtain of the World Space Week 2013 for our team the Part-Time Scientists.

The Kickoff!

Already 4 weeks ago OEWF organized the first of many online gatherings in a dedicated Mumble Chatroom (pretty much like Skype but with less people snooping in). The Kickoff meeting lasted and hour and everyone got the chance to introduce himself and lay out his plans towards the WSW13.

Who whould have believed that 1 week of science and exploration with research teams, schools and classes all around the globe requires so much preparation?


Setting up the location

We knew that we needed a good location to film the videos and do the live Google+ Hangouts with all the school so we started searching for one. It turned out that the simple ideast are always the best and we just decicded to use our PTS storage basemend for this very purposes. It required a lot of heavy lifting and moving things around but enabled us to use all the cool things we had lying around (in boxes) anyway.

However only one issue remained - how to put up our quite heavy and thick printed Apollo 17 panorama on the walls of our basement?

Thanks to the unbelieveable always surprising power of duct tape this problem got solved! Ok, till today no one has figured out to remove the panorama again but we just leave this problem to future generations of explorers... 

Welcome to our almost finished studio location!


Testing, testing and liftoff!

Once setup we started doing test Hangouts and simulated live broadcasts (called "Hangout on Air"). This was very time consuming and not as easy as it sounds to all things like Microphone settings, lighting and a stable internet connection worked out. But in the end it was all setup and we did a final test run with the WSW Mission Control Center in Strassburg!

And this is what the very first Google+ Hangout on Air during the world speek looked like "behind the scenes". So that is what you get to see when you are not the one sitting in front of your YouTube player or in a classroom asking questions! 


On Air

If you want to have some fun make sure to checkout the recording Karsten and i did towards the WSW13. They where used as teasers, trailers and for everything where it fitted.


World Space Week 2013 recording on YouTube

If you are looking for all the recording of the WSW13 checkout the OEWF Youtube channel over here: OEWF

If you are looking for our Videos checkout the following links: 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMXSsqNx3EQ&hd=1 (a German Language G+ Hangout!)




Last but not least the best thing about having your basement look like the Apollo 17 landing site? Yes of course you can take pictures of yourself on the moon! (without a space suite... just in a shirt)


The important last words

Did you miss this year World Space Week? Checkout the YouTube Links above! and make sure to follow us on all the social media channel you like:

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Have a great time and thanks for all the support and participation during the world space week!

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