WATCH: Hanging out with NASA's Swamp Works!

    Earthrise Space had the pleasure of hosting a Google+ Hangout with Kennedy Space Centers own Swamp Works, the space innovation laboratory with a focus on harvesting space resources. Dr. Phil Metzger and Swamp Works manager Jack Fox both took time from their busy schedules to answer questions, showcase their technology and explain the short and long term goals of space development. They have our tremendous gratitude. Their collaboration with us means a great deal, and the information provided was invaluable.

    The Hangout was AMAZING. Opportunities for face to face communication, even if through a screen, are incredibly valuable and provide insight that words alone cannot provide.

    There was so much good information and so many spectacular inventions that we decided that the Hangout had to be shared. The entire conference is over an hour long, so I listed out key times in the video for your viewing ease.


Skip to these points to hear about the given subjects.


5:25: Confernce begins, Earthrise Space and Swamp Works give introductions.

8:48: What resources are we looking for in space?

11:28: The RASSOR mining robot and using lunar regolith for 3-D printing.

15:00: Turning regolith into building materials using microwaves, autonomous robots and other methods.

19:00: Using the internet for outreach and what methods students trying to get into the space industry should look into.  

28:52: Rob Mueller, Senior Technologist for Swamp Works, introduces himself and explains the Human-Robotic systems project.

32:15: Rob Mueller elaborates on the RASSOR bot and the uses for space resources "Follow the Resources"

38:25: A beautiful analogy comparing space with the settlement of California.

42:18: Nano-drills and prospecting for valuable resources in space.

45:55: The effect of rockets on Apollo sites, via the sandblasting effect.

50:10: Radiation protection on the Lunar surface using regolith, water and other methods.

57:40: What is Earthrise Space doing? How can Earthrise Space positively impact Florida and its economy?

1:04:16 Should we mine the moon or mine asteroids, and how has NASA helped private space mining companies?

1:10:07: The process of transporting resources from the lunar surface to orbit.  

Once again I would like to thank Swamp Works on behalf of our entire Earthrise Space team. Their hospitality and generous donation of their time was truly remarkable.  

We hope that you can benefit from this Hangout as much as we did.

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