Point the Way

     This past month a group of high school and middle school students were given a special tour of Earthrise Space's facilities. Ranging from 6th to 11th grade, the students were shown the many intricate machines and processes that go into building complex spacecraft. The entire experience was wonderful. It was a joy to show students what really happens outside the classroom, and to let them see what real world engineering is like. Seeing a workshop dedicated to building lunar landers, or being shown how stress tests are preformed effectively demonstrates what the concepts learned from a textbook do in the real world. The true value of experiences like these however is proving that long nights studying and insatiable curiosity really can accomplish amazing things.

     Leaving high school can be disorienting. For many, it is hard to find the first step towards their dreams. This can be especially true in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics fields. Often the aerospace industry is seen like an insurmountable fortress, that only privileged few ever get to enter. It is our job to show that such misconceptions should not deter anyone. First hand tours, conversations and social media all do tremendous amounts of good to young students who dream of accomplishing impossible things but don't know where to start. For Earthrise Space, connecting dreamers with doers is a very special part of the job. Fueling limitless curiosity is a reward in itself, but the real reward is when that curiosity is made manifest. That is how great things are accomplished.

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