Take a long look at the Moon tonight...

"The Big, Bright Full Moon. If the Moon seems a little bigger and brighter than usual tonight, it’s no illusion. The Full Moon on Friday is the closest of the year, making it just a little larger and brighter than other Full Moons in 2008. " - full article: http://blogs.discovery.com/whats_up_astronomy/2008/12/the-big-bright.html If your life is as busy as mine, it's probably been awhile since you've allowed yourself the luxury of just standing outside at night and gazing up at the moon and stars. As I read the article above it occurred to me that this is an excellent time to remind everyone of just how special this prize contest is. It gives us a license to express our creative passions, to dream of new places and explore new ideas. That's a rare thing these days, take advantage of it. So tonight I encourage you to go outside, look to the moon and dream big dreams! And if you're lucky enough to have children of your own, take them out there with you. MT

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