Singularity University - Fox Studios Event 2013

Last weekend, Singularity University held their second annual Singularity Summit at Fox Studios in Los Angeles.  Moon Express was invited to take part in the event as an exhibitor in the innovation showcase tent.

On the Thursday prior to the event, we loaded up the Moon Mobile with a fraction of the cool tech we've been developing and headed south to Fox Studios for a weekend of epic proportions.


At Dawn ... We Ride!

Upon arriving at the event, the age old battle of fighting for the best booth position in the venue began.  After some moderate negotiation we were able to secure a central location in the main tent and began setting up.


We were comfortably nestled between the professional displays of Autodesk and 3D Systems to our left and right and the the smaller yet equally impressive company displays to our front and back showcasing technologies like consumer friendly EEG devices, telepresence robots, as well as mood tracking and lie detection software.

While being in the center of the room was ideal for foot traffic it provided us with our first big challenge, hanging the inflatable Moon we brought.

The problem was that the best place to hang the Moon was a part of the tent frame which was about 10 feet over our heads. We couldn't find rope or a tall enough ladder so we did the only thing that made sense ... we tied some dental floss to a quad copter and flew it up and over the internal frame of the tent. Besides being an awesome application of quad copter technology and a crowd pleasing stunt, it did in fact work.

Unfortunately, the quadcopter suffered a broken arm on the way down so we did the only thing that made sense ... we 3D printed a splint for our drone on one of 3D Systems' Cube printers that were on display.

The guys and girls from 3D Systems were happy to print something useful instead of decorative shark heads and chess pieces.

From then on the event was a flurry of activity. Three days of introductions and answering questions flew by, as more and more participants of the event walked through the tent and got the Moon Express experience.

Seth Green seems more critical of our design than Dean Kamen 

Overall, it was a fun and rewarding trip in which we all made some great contacts. We look forward to the next opportunity to share our research and development but for now it's back to work. One last thank you to Fox Studios for an amazing venue.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of what the event was like

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