LunaTrex lead company, AirBuoyant announces “VertiScooter”!

AirBuoyant, lead company of Team LunaTrex announces the release of a new personal hovercraft for the masses, called VertiScooter. Its patent-pending propulsion technology allows the VertiScooter to travel on land, snow, ice, and water. This makes the VertiScooter the most versatile hover scooter you can buy for the money. At $4999, the VertiScooter is designed to fit every budget, answering the need to travel in a unique craft over nearly any terrain. Unlike other hovercraft, the VertiScooter can even go up-hill. The VertiScooter offers a safer and more diverse capability than a Segway, ATV, snow mobile, or Jet-Ski, and covers the same terrain they all do at a fraction of a price. It’s low center of gravity and disk shape keep it from tipping, and at its calm but brisk top speed of about 20 mph, the VertiScooter is fun but incredibly safe. Its 4-stroke, 13 HP engine burns regular gasoline (no 2-stroke oil needed to mix in), and AirBuoyant is working on a propane/CNG conversion kit as well. See http://www.AirBuoyant.com/vertiscooter for details and to place an order. What’s the tie-in to the Moon? Well, sales of the VertiScooter will help fund Team LunaTrex’s efforts to get to the Moon. Additionally, sponsors can get their logos on VertiScooters for events and other venues, also benefiting Team LunaTrex. Finally, the VertiScooter represents a leap into the future of motorized recreation, as well as a first step toward affordable flying vehicles for the masses. As we begin to leave “convention” behind, we start to see the possibilities of doing big things, and then suddenly, the Moon is not that far out of reach. Nor is Mars. Nor is much else if we put our innovation and efforts to it.

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