It's all about the $$FUNDING$$

So, the bottom line is, how expensive is your mission, and then how much of the funding have you raised, as a percentage of what you need? Getting a payload into space is purely a factor of money. Once it's in space, it's about reliability, rad-hardening, ruggedness, and energy management. The latter factors can maybe be "finessed" in a garage - not likely, but maybe the imagination can be stretched. But then, you still have to pay for a launch. LunaTrex's approach is sound, and we are working with a few different launch providers to loft our very light, and low-cost payload. Our total mission cost will be between $12-15 million, allowing us to do this profitably, but also with margin, and the ability to do so reliably. To date, we have raised and have been committed over 15% of the needed funding for our mission. We will also, hopefully, be able to announce a major sponsor in October. Once the first one comes in, others will follow. We believe we have as good a chance as anyone at winning the GLXP, and look forward to the journey.

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