An interesting thing happened the other day

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Hello All, It’s been a while since I last blogged. I have been working on nailing down our first, major sponsor, and though I am not at liberty to disclose who that is yet, we will be able to in a few, short months. An interesting thing happened the other day… I was flying back to my airport from a meeting, and as I called in to the tower, who gave me approach instructions, and then began talking to someone else who was in the pattern. I recognized the voice, and asked “Anderson Tower, is that Mike Melville in the pattern?”. For those that don’t know (though, with this audience, I probably don’t need to go into explanation), Mike Melville is the world’s first Commercial Astronaut, and one of the pilots who won the original Ansari X PRIZE for Scaled Composites. Mike Melville then answered me and said “It sure is!”. So, as soon as I landed, I met Mike and we shook hands and introduced each other. His wife, sister-in-law and her husband were all there. Turns out Mike actually learned to fly at the Anderson Airport many years ago, and built his first Rutan kit when he lived in the area back in the 70’s, just before he moved for good to Mojave, CA to work with Burt Rutan. There were, as usual, very few others at the airport, so I actually had Mike to myself for about 10 minutes! I gave him an XADS hat, as well as had him autograph my copies of “Black Sky”, and he was off. The pictures attached were of me and Mike, along with his plane in the next picture. It was a cool, serendipitous collision of X PRIZES, past and present. Mike is one of my heroes, and that really made my day. Probably my month… All the best, Pete

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