The Reality of Space Skydiving May Be Closer Than You Think


We here at team JURBAN have always believed in pushing the envelope and accomplishing the impossible. That's why today we want to highlight one of the extreme sports of the future: high altitude skydiving. I'm sure many of us remember Felix Baumgartner's historic skydive last year. It was probably one of the most exhilarating sights many of us had seen in a while. The fact of the matter is that Felix and Red Bull are pioneering the next generation of skydiving. No longer will adrenaline lovers everywhere be constricted to the skies and will finally be able to travel to space conditions, and return safely to the surface of the Earth. But contributing just as much to the future of this up and coming reality are Solar System Express and Juxtopia. These two vital components to the JURBAN team, are working on the RL Mark VI suits which will make space diving a reality. The groups are working towards making this technology commercial as they try to drive down the price from the current cost of $55,000 to a more affordable $20,000. Utilizing today's technology, Solar System Express and Juxtopia are revolutionizing the near future and ushering in the world of tomorrow in today's day and age.

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-Joshua Jenkins

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