TFX - Natural History Museum - 01


Team FREDNET went to visit the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles!  Here we will see things that sparked the very beginings of science.  Starting off in the main hall with the dinosaur bones of a T-Rex and Triceratops, then moving over to the "Hall of Mamals".  So much to do and see at the Natural History Museum.  We were surrounded by kids on every visit.  Dinosaur bones cannot help but to stir the imagination, and this museum has a fantastic collection on display.  The more children are exposed to the wonders of the world, the more they will begin to ask questions about it, which may one day lead to new knowledge and new experiences.  Our modern day advanced high tech world of science, started with these very humble beginnings, in our observations of the natural world around us.  As always, we are promoting science and learning for kids of all ages.

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