Media requirements Q1

We have just passed into the second quarter of 2014, and as normal, it is time to make the overall list of the social media and our engagement. In the past 3 month, we have put 39 short google plus blogs online. Tis is mostly about what there is of general news, and what the team is doing.

Included in this number is also the 10 videos which we have published on you tube for a total of 15 minutes plus.

For the X PRIZE blog, we are less well present, but luckily (thank you Leo!) the team page automatically posts also the links to the Google Plus page. In this way the different media is beginning to be connected, though a even more close connection would be an advantage.

Another thing that would improve this blog, would be a spell checker here where we are writing. As will be clear to the reader, it is not always we get around to copy out the text into another spell checker and then paste it back into this window... readers, please excuse us!

Let me add, that we do our best to satisfy the requirements in the media guidelines, and should one of the 4-5 specific requirements be overlooked in a given period (the requirements are specified in some cases as "per week", in other cases as "per month", and the checking is done "per quarter". In logical terms these 3 time periods are incompatible. In practical terms, of course, they can be adapted to fit each other!), we simply make sure that this is compensated in the next relevant period.

Team Euroluan

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