First blog in 2014

Dear Colleagues, Dear Readers, Dear Fellow Moon Enthusiast

This evening the moon was rising in Northern Italy around 17.00, just as the sun was going down, and with a sky with just a bit of haze from very tiny ice crystals in the upper atmosphere, it was as though it had a much larger size, and with a "corona" around it. The sight disappeared faster than we could find the cameras, but still the light during the transition from day to night was spectacular, with the mountains and the snow in the background, and the lake in the front: all seen from my balcony.

Now this is the first blog in the new year, in 2014. I would like to wish you all a fruitful year, which will be an eventful year for sure.

We have just submitted our quarterly report to the GLXP Team at XPRIZE, and the compliance report for the social media.

The launch agreement discussion are ongoing, we are producing the necessary documents, including documents for radio frequency use and permissions. It all take time and effort!!


All the best for 2014






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