Team CHANDAH Inaugural Entry

Challenging technical aspects of landing a rover on the moon and getting the bionic rover to do interesting things notwithstanding, participating in the GLXP challenge has opened my eyes to a universe of concepts and people I didn't previously know existed. 

Intelligent people with bold, visionary ideas and often several novel solutions to a given problem - many with PhDs and multiple interests and degrees. A LOT of vision and ingenuity - ready to serve the humanity.

Some want to create the first privately funded lunar lander, while others want to master the science behind building spacecrafts, launching them, and robotics. 

Why then, despite all this brilliance and solutions, is Space still so inaccessible to the common man today? Why is the common man not “interested” in what the solar system bears in terms of our understanding of who we are and our possible destinies?

While rumination and philosophical deliberations are important – the goal of entry in GLXP is obviously to facilitate with an understanding of how a spacecraft can be built and sent to the moon with a built-in program it to do certain acts – rove, take pictures, and observe and validate existence of certain objects and phenomenons.

Yet I have a feeling that this journey will be as much a philosophical invocation as a practical excursion.

I am looking forward to the learnings, friendships, and tribulations embedded in this exciting journey, which I owe to my children, my family, and those who have helped and inspired me.  Here's to new directions and experiences!!

- Adil Jafry

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