Synergy Space Explorers

Team Synergy Moon, one of the first teams with an XPrize verified launch contract and the first team formed by a merge of two teams (InterPlanetary Ventures and Human Synergy Moon Project) has entered into partnerships with GLXP teams Team Stellar, Omega Envoy, Team SpaceMeta and Independence-X.  This is not a merger or an acquisition, as has happened with other teams in the past, but a partnership between these teams and Team Synergy Moon, such that each team remains a separate entity and retains their current status as an official Google Lunar XPrize team, while contributing some of their unique capabilities to Team Synergy Moon as the only team in the partnership with a GLXP verified launch contract, allowing them to continue as an official GLXP team into the 2017 Lunar Interval portion of the competition.

It has been said (by a spokesperson for Team Astrobotics, one of the teams dropping out of the race) that some of the remaining teams are taking risky approaches by working with new launch developers or rushing their missions. In fact, we’ve all been at this for nine years already, so I wouldn’t call any of it ‘rushing’.  One of the goals of the GLXP was the creation of new methodologies and technologies that would bring down the cost of space access, making space available for a larger portion of the commercial sector. The teams investing in new development are doing just that, not really taking great risks.  If we don't launch before the GLXP deadline, we will launch soon after, satisfying the needs of our teams and our customers.

This partnership network is not focused solely on Team Synergy Moon, the partners will also contribute to each other in ways that will help them achieve their individual and team goals while also making the partnership the core of a Synergy Space Exploration consortium.  Together we have become Synergy Space Explorers.

The Google Lunar XPrize is getting more exciting every day!  Stay Tuned, and See You Soon, on the Moon!

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