Why the Moon

Why themoon?


The Moon is not only our nearest neighbor in space, it is our gateway to the rest of the universe. The Moon provides fascinating opportunities for expanding exploration throughout our solar system and offers exciting possibilities for discovery in the fields of science, technology, resource detection and utilization, and human habitation.

To Infinity and Beyond

The Moon is an essential stepping-stone to the rest of the universe. It represents a unique opportunity to learn from our closest neighbor, and the ideal environment to provide the training and experience that furthers humanity’s exploration and presence in the solar system and beyond.



Who owns the moon?

Ask Peter Diamandis| Google Lunar XPRIZE

Abundant Resources

The Moon is a treasure chest of rare metals and other beneficial materials that can be used here on Earth. A successful Google Lunar XPRIZE would result in cost-effective and reliable access to the Moon, allowing for the development of new methods of discovering and using space resources, and in the long-term, helping to expand human civilization into space.

"I think we should go first to the moon and then further on."

Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA)

Private Exploration

The technologies developed by the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams will further reduce costs and barriers to entry so that private industry can work alongside government agencies to advance lunar exploration.

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A system of underground lunar caves have been discovered that could protect humans from the harsh environment

Science Projects

The Moon has already impacted the way we think about future exploration. Previous discoveries like the existence of lava tubes potentially big enough to support a lunar base and the detection of ice at the lunar poles have all been made from lunar orbit.  Think of all the exciting research opportunities for scientists once they have access to the Moon’s surface!

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