Coffee Break at High Altitudes

Although it is not really in our focus – afte all, we look a little bit higher, at least up to the Moon -, we have always fancied the notion to get a high altitude balloon experiment launched. Well, on the 54th anniversary of Gagarin's Flight, we fulfilled this dream.

We were approached in March by Uniomedia, a Budapest based PR agency, working for Nescafé Hungary, with the question, whether we could help them to bring a Nesacafé mug with a little coffee shrug within close to space.

This looked quite interesting. After all, as we learned quickly, the Apollo 11 crew drank Nescafé on the Moon - http://www.nestle.hu/media/hirek/nescaf%C3%89-75-%C3%A9ves (this reference is for Hungarian tongues only; if You have some english sources, we are happy to hear from it!), so we said immediately „Yes, we can!“ and put together everything within a week or so to be flight ready at 10 AM CET, on a hill close to Budapest.

To the skies!

Our first ever high altitude balloon launch was then a complete succes; all systems worked fine – the wind inclusive :-) -, and we perfomed a practically flawless high altitude flight, up to an estimated 36,000 meters, with stunning images.

We even found undoubtedly signs of animal life after landing on a wet planet.

Enjoy the flight!

And here is a short Werkfilm, too:

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