Team HAKUTO: Everything is going well for TMP!

HAKUTO, a Japanese team challenging to the Google Lunar XPRIZE, is making steady progress toward the Mobility challenge of the Terrestrial Milestone Prize (TMP). In the TMP, flight readiness of the developed system is evaluated by expert judges assigned by the XPRIZE Foundation. HAKUTO develops a dual rover system composed by a four-wheel rover (code name: Moonraker) and a two-wheel rover (code name: Tetris) for traveling over the lunar surface. Their Pre-Flight Model is now under the final assembling phase. Some snapshot pictures are released today. After mid-September, the team will conduct vibration testing, thermal-vacuum testing, and mobility performance testing in sandy terrain for qualification of the system for launch, cruise and lunar surface environment.

The HAKUTO emblem

The wheels are made by heat resistant plastic using a 3D printer!

The rover body is made by CFRP!

A rover

The whole picture of the rovers will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

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